We are one of the leading manufacturers of Diamond Wire Saw for concrete cutting on wall, bridge and under water project to clients around the world. We adopt the best raw materials and latest machinery for manufacturing diamond wire saw(Such as top quality diamond, cobalt, steel wire, rubber). ChinShine sintered Diamond Wire for cutting concrete has flexible rubber coating with spring connection to each diamond bead, its quality, strength, effectiveness, durability, sharpness and long life, which have won huge acknowledgement from clients all over the world and the follow-up effection is the high rising demands among that of competitors from China. We supply the concrete diamond wire with quite reasonable affordable prices in the market.

The performance of ChinShine Concrete diamond wire saw:

This kind of diamond wire saw is frequently used for cutting all kinds of concrete in various projects where diamond saw blades are not suitable to use. The main performance of ChinShine diamond wire saw are:

· Applicable for cutting reinforced concrete block or slab like bridge pier, irregular reinforced concrete, chimney, crossbeam,  etc.
· Handy underwater cutting on concrete where diamond saw blades cant be used.
· Safe operation, lower labour intensity, low- noise, no- dust and environmental.
· Low cutting cost and high cutting efficiency.
· Flexible and easy installation for vertical cutting and horizontal cutting.
· Capable to reach the cutting depth on concrete where hydraulic wall saw blade can not reach.
· No limit on the cutting depth and length, strong adaptability on different working condition. It is the best choice on backup diamond tool of hydraulic wall cutting machine.

The advantage of rubber diamond wire saw for cutting concrete:

· rubber supplies better support and sticking accrete to the diamond beads and the steel wire, which prevent it better from the abrasive pastes action, especially when the steel wire takes up small radii of curvature .
· rubber easily resist increases in temperature caused by badly controlled water cooling, which often happens in a concrete project, whereas plastic softens and losses its strength properties to the diamond beads and steel wire.
· Flexible steel wire cooperates with quality rubber is greater, which reduces the risk of nonuniform wearing of the diamond wire beads which will cause unstraight and uneven cutting.
· 30-55KW wire saw machines are used more for concrete cutting wire saw, the water feed rate is set between 20-40 L/min according to the specification of cutting object.

The tips of using concrete diamond wire saw:

· The movement of the diamond wire saw should be checked every now and again to avoid any accident.
· The consumption of diamond beads should be inspected regularly to avoid uneven cutting.
· The worn of connections, spring and diamond beads near joints should be checked. Change connections when it is necessary.
· The tension of steel wire is set between 250-300kg.
· Adjust the linear speed of the diamond wire saw according to the characteristic of concrete which is going to be cut.
· At the very beginning, the linear speed should be reduced 2-3 m/s from the above mentioned standards.
· Water feeding requirement for concrete wire saw cutting is recommended to be 10-20L/min.

Kindly Noted, when you would like to buy diamond wire saw for concrete, please inform us about the following technical information:

· Diameter of the Wire bead.
· Concrete Type (Hardness, quantity and thickness of steel rods, stone inside it).
· Quantity (How many meters of diamond wire saw).
· The power of Wire Saw Machine (How many KW or HP of the motor).
· Expected cutting speed and life (M2), whether you emphasize on sharpness or life.
· Expected shipping date

Item Number Bead Specification Number of Beads Connection Cutting Material linear speed(m/s) Cutting speed (m2/h) Wire life (m2/m)
DWD-01 Φ11.5
40 rubber+spring normal reinforced concrete  20-30  2-5 3-8
DWD-02 strength reinforced concrete 20-25 1-3 2-4
DWD-03 steels metal structure 15-22 0.5-1.5 0.5-2
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