Usually plastic diamond wire saw is used for cuting to slab, squaring, profiling or shaping on marble, granite and other stone block. Many people can not used rubber diamond wire saw to cut stone block very well in factories. After several research and tests, we found that plastic coat is the best material to prevent skidding. Diamond wire saw often break and becomes dull as the rotation rate is high. 
We not only pay much attention to the connection but also use the best steel cable and diamond bead, the brand of our cable supplier is one of the global best suppliers. Moreoever, we have manufactured the top grade diamond beads more than 15 years. 
Mostly the wire saw machines which our customers use are Universo, Gaspari, Pedrini, Pellegrini and Bidese (Breton) multi wire machines, besides, some Russian customers use their domestic invented wire saw machined.
The cutting by diamond wire saw makes low noise and the water demand is low, moreover, the water can be recycled. It produces little amount of stone dust which is easily to be cleaned and recycled. The machines do not occupy much space either.

The following information is needed for us when you are buying diamond wire saw:

1. the type of stone and its hardness;
2. the purpose of cutting: squaring, cut to slab, profiling or shaping;
3. the diameter of wire bead and the length for work;
4. the power of wire saw machine.
plastic diamond wire saw for stone block cutting
Client Case:
In Verona Stone Fair in Italy, we met an European customer who needed diamond segments and diamond wire saw for cutting diabase. This stone is harder than granite and it contains much iron. From our conversation, he felt that we are professional enough to design special formula for his diamond wire saw. Therefore, he put downpayment to buy diamond wire and diamond segments as samples for his special stone.
After comprehensive study the stone sample and customer's demand, we completed the production of diamond wire and diamond segments within 10 days. Obviously, the client was nearly satisfied with the quality and service, and then he raised a claim for more sharp diamond wire increasing 30% sharpness. After testing second samples, he was satisfied with the quality thoroughly. Please see to his comment on Whatsapp.
diamond wire saw for diabase

He said that he tested samples from several companies, but there were all kinds of problems, ChinShine was his best choice!

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