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We are pleased to announce that ChinShine new product multi-layers diamond segment for marble are receiving continuous good feedback from our end-users and wholesalers in Pakistan who are using our 900mm and 1200mm diamond segments for cutting marble, the marbles from Peshāwar, Karachi. Since the diamond segments are multi-layers, not sandwich type, they are much more sharp, cheap and competitive in the market.

After early test, research and under the customers' help, we have achieved great success in marble multi-layers diamond segments. Under the circumstances that most customers are using sandwich diamond segment to cut marble, we take the lead in using multi-layers segment type, we hope to bring this latest research finding to more and more markets and countries.

We just came back from Pakistan Karachi construction and stone fair recently. During the fair and the stay in Pakistan, we had visited many customers' factories and we were glad to know that our 900mm and 450mm diamond segments for marble are 20% sharper and 10% cheaper than other Chinese diamond segment suppliers.

With this multi-layers diamond segments, our distributors partners would be much more competitive in product technology and quality and increase market share since this product is believed to be comparable in quality with Korea and Italian suppliers, and or even much better than other Chinese suppliers.

This multi-layers diamond segment is now spreading to different markets to test and hopefully we will have more testing feedback, which in return would help improve further to better quality level that works for all colors of marble ,travertine and limestone.

It is on promotion and if you are interested for a trial, special discount available. For more details or inquiry, please don't hesitate to drop us an email and let us support you more.

Chinshine is always ready to learn from you and work out solution to cut cost down and for polishing quality.

Our products are very competitive in Pakistan, we are expecting more and more customers to buy our diamond segments to test, and realize win-win situation through our products.
We are now promoting the new-style competitive marble diamond segments to further markets and let more people get to know and use our multi-layers diamond segments around the world.

2500mm multi-layers diamond segments for marble
2500mm multi-layers diamond segments for marble

1200mm sharp diamond segments for marble
1200mm multi-layers diamond segments for marble

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