Buy high quality 3 step diamond dry polishing pads from China supplier

ChinShine hexagon 3 step dry diamond polishing pads are an excellent choice for polishing natural stone. Our hexagon 3 step diamond dry polishing pads provides a smooth and high efficiency polishing. It can bring your stone surface a high gloss for you stone surface. While there is some mild dust, the lack of water for cooling the pad and stone surface makes for easier clean up. Our high quality dry pads will give the same great results and high polish as wet pads, however allow more time to get the job done than if you were using wet pads. Never use dry pads on engineered stone as the heat generated can melt the resin.

Our hexagon 3 step diamond dry polishing pads can reduce polishing time by 40%-50% and its super formula removes 4 polishing steps. This diamond dry polishing pads are very flexible, it can changes easily and they can be used on ogee profiles and other tight corners.

hexagon 3 step diamond dry polishing pads



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