There are three kinds of welding method for diamond blade, including laser welded, sintered  and high frequency welded. How to distinguish laser welded diamond blade with other saw blades? It is simple and easy by looking at where the diamond segments meet the core of the blade can help you getting a sense of which welding method was used.

When you look at that edge where the diamond segments meet the blade core, you will see a rough weld. It is not smooth or flat, it is jagged and rough. This is indicative of the laser welding process.

The following images are
laser welded diamond saw blades
Laser welded diamond blades

high frequency welded diamond saw blades
High Frequency Diamond Saw blades -Use in Stone industry mainly.

sintered diamond saw blades
Sintered diamond saw blades, all the diameter less than 300mm/12inch

The main advantages and benefits of laser welded diamond blades over other welding methods are:

- the depth and width of the weld area is large.

- the weld is extremely accurate, so the blade core is very minimally affected.

- laser welded can withstand higher temperatures during cutting and extending blade life significantly.

- The most important point is that the diamond segments would not drop during cutting.

Laser welded diamond blade is used in construction industry mainly, especially in concrete cutting. Some concrete contains steel bars, the temperature of diamond segments goes up quickly when cutting the steel bars in concrete, the diamond blade segments may drop, it is very dangerous to the operators.

The disadvantage of laser welding diamond blade is that the diamond segments can not be replaced like high frequency welding blades when they are used up, and thus the cores are wasted.

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What is laser welded diamond blade, how to distinguish it with other blades?

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