Concrete creates a very hard and durable construction material. That same strength poses a difficulty if you need to cut through it. Most cutting methods involve breaking the concrete in the cutting point using a diamond circular saw, which creates jagged cuts and also messy cutting areas. Using a circular saw, enables you to cut right through the concrete, making a smooth straight cut where needed quickly and efficiently.

Concrete is usually cut with laser welded diamond saw blades. You can find different solutions to  perform concrete cutting under different circumstances.


1. Determine right circular saw for your job. For thin concrete slabs or small area concrete, road and wall, a handle circular saw with  4 to 14 inch diamond blade will work well to a shallow cutting. For longer or deeper cuts, a walk-behind concrete saw is required.

2. Choose right diamond blade for cutting different concrete,

Reinforced concrete(contain steel bars), you should choose the professional blade for cutting reinforced concrete. Fresh(Green) concrete ,  even asphalt are more abrasive, and old (cured) concrete is harder, diamond blades for cutting green concrete and cured concrete are also designed to be different.

Here is an article to tell you how to choose the right diamond blade? click here

3. Clear the cutting and working area. Cutting concrete is a very dusty job, and also the slightest breeze will spread the dust. To reduce the dust, you can ask your partner to spray water onto the diamond blade and the working area during cutting. This can also help to cool the diamond blade and extend its life. If it's not safe to use water for the diamond circular saw, you should use a dry diamond blade.

4. Mark lines before cutting. If the cut needs to be precise, you may want to trace over the line with a marker. This makes the line much easier to see and keeps it from being washed away by the cooling water.
5. Put on your safety goggle, hearing protection and wear protective clothing, adjust for best fit. You had better wear a professional respirator, dust particles generated in the concrete cutting process can penetrate deep into the lungs and can cause serious health effects.

6. Start the saw and open the water valve about halfway,  keeping water in the cut at all times.
7. Cutting only an inch or two deep each time is easier if you have a handheld saw. Cut ahead with this shallow depth, perhaps four to five feet, and then return to the start and cut deeper.  Walk-behind saws can handle the full depth easily, so cutting in stages isn't necessary. Proceed slowly, maintaining minimum RPMs of the cut-off saw. Slow speed allows the saw to keep from overheating the blade , and causing segment dropeed and tossed into the air from a broken blade.

8. Shut the saw off first and then the water when cut is complete.


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