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Diamond blade
are designed and manufactured for specific purposes. For instance, there are blades designed specifically to cut marble and asphalt. However, ChinShine do offer a range of multi purpose diamond blades

Diamond blades designed for specific uses include marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, masonry, and gem-cutting blades. General purpose diamond blades are also available.

Selecting the correct diamond blade is of high importance. If you choose the correct blade that is suitable to your particular task there are several benefits. You can improve work efficiency, your time frames and lower overall running costs.

There are a few of factors that affect the performance of diamond blades.

If you can manage to select diamond saw blade which are suitable to your work, you will improve your work efficiency and lower your costs, so it’s worthy for you to know some methods.

For instance, the shape of the blade should be matched the task at hand. It is generally considered a diamond blade should be approximately three times as thick as the material you are cutting. As a result, concrete diamond blades are often fairly thick in diameter.

Similarly, when cutting thin, brittle materials that are liable to crack, very narrow diamond blades should be selected. This ensures that the quality of the product surface is maintained.

diamond blade

For materials which are of low hardness a different kind of blade can be selected.The blade size can be larger and a lot tougher – this is described as having a high “concentration”. Selecting blades in this way allows the blades lifespan to be improved. It is a case of selecting the correct blade, for the correct job.

The availability of water is another important factor as diamond cutting blades work better when wet – it prevents over heating, prologues the blades life and allows highly abrasive materials to to processed at higher temperatures. This goes hand in hand with the fact that dry cutting should be used in circumstances where a lubricant cannot be used. In this instance, you should take care to control the dust created and allow the blade to cool off at very regular intervals.

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