16" asphalt saw blade

1. ChinShine Asphalt cutting blade introduction

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Diameter: 16 inch, 16",  400mm
Segment Height: 8mm,10 mm,12mm
Arbor size: 25.4mm

Segment Quantity: 24 pcs per blade
Weld: Laser welded diamond blade
Packing: hard paper case and wooden box

Drop segment design for undercut reduction


2. Asphalt Saw Blade Application 

This asphalt diamond blade will effectively cut softer, abrasive materials such as asphalt and green concrete, application options include wet and dry, widely used for cutting asphalt,green concrete and soft abrasive materials in construction industry. They should be installed into circular saws ,such as hand  held saws or walk-behind saws. Horsepower Range: 8-20 hp

400mm asphalt segment

3. Tips for using diamond asphalt blade for circular saw

* Wear proper safety gear.
* Read the manual and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on specification of material to be cut and suitability for dry or wet cutting applications
* Before starting the cutting job, double check the asphalt blade to see if there are any damages incurred during shipping or due to previous use.
* During start-up or operation, do not stand in direct line with dry diamond or abrasive blades.
* During operation, maintain a firm grip on hand-held saws.

* Ensure that the machine is not dropped on the blade.
* Be careful to avoid burns from the overheated segments or hot engine parts.

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