ChinShine CNC diamond profile wheels are specially used for grinding super hard materials, such as granite, marble, quartz, ceramic, etc.
ChinShine can provide customers with professional technical support.
According to different grinding materials and equipment conditions, we will provide you with premium diamond profile wheels and tools for your CNC machine. We provide metal bond diamond profile wheel, resin bond diamond profile wheel, vacuum brazed diamond profile wheel and electroplated diamond profile wheel.
1. ChinShine Sintered diamond shaped wheels are mainly used for shaping, grinding wheels of various shapes and sizes, for shaped shaping or surface grinding of hard materials such as marble. They are made of selected synthetic diamonds to quickly remove material and maintain the shape you need throughout the life of the tool.
2. Used for grinding hard and brittle non-metallic surfaces such as granite, ceramics, marble, limestone, etc.
1. Unique design, good sharpness, convenient dust removal, low noise and safety.
2. ChinShine sintered CNC profile wheel provides high precision and smooth surface in stone processing.
4. High efficiency, accurate shape and size.
5. The order of use: from rough grinding to fine grinding, and finally polishing, 8 steps totally.
6. Various specifications can be provided according to customer drawing.

Buy the best Diamond profile grinding wheel for Granite, Quarter Round Polishing Roller for Stone, Sinter Profile wheel for Countertop from ChinShine, please contact us to customize the most suitable tool for you!
granite CNC diamond profile grinding wheel
Granite quartz 1/2 G diamond profile wheel for CNC machine

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