In international trade, why shouldn’t you buy VERY cheap diamond tools, diamond saw blades or diamond segments?


If you are distributor or you need big quantity diamond tools, it is recommended to find a suitable supplier and buy fromChina. If you only need small quantity, then it is safe and convenient to buy in the local market.

You can buy cheap but competitive diamond tools( or diamond saw blades, diamond segments), but never buy very cheap and low-priced diamond tools. I think that many people know the reason, however, lots of buyers just look into the price and snatch at the maximum profit, and they get the worst at last.

Here I have two examples for you,
a. The whole world knows that Indian businessmen like bargain a lot, they always look for the lowest price. They compare the prices everywhere and push the suppliers to low down the price. Yet trying to get the order and make money, many Chinese suppliers agree on the prices and produce very bad diamond tools which can’t be used at all.

b. There is another example. At the early stage, most of the diamond tools in Iran are imported from Quanzhou, China, when competitors from Jiangsu and Hubei enter the market, the whole situation was changed because they sold off the tools at greatly reduced prices and no doubt that the quality was inferior than those from Quanzhou. From then on, Iranian business began to question the Chinese diamond tools(diamond segments, diamond saw blades), so they requested the payment terms to be 50% in advance and 50% paid when the stone cutting tools are used up. At last, lots of dispute raised and both sides suffered much.


The most possible consequence of buying very cheap diamond saw blade is that the diamond blade can’t give play to the cutting or damage the stone, even diamond segments drop from the blade while cutting.

There is such kind of a demand, so there is such kind of the product. Plenty of buyers prefer to low-priced or very cheap diamond tools, hence many factories produce low quality blades with low price to meet their demand, it leads to an impression that "Made in China" is the symbol of low quality products. But they don't know that , the high quality products they buy from other countries are also made in China, only the labels are changed.

After all, you can buy suitable diamond tools at competitive prices. A conscientious and credible supplier is well worthy cherished. Here I would like to recommend two two trustworthy companies, one is a unit under the direct control of the China Machinery research center (it was merged now), another one is CHINSHINE, and you can search it online.

Here diamond tools include diamond saw blade, diamond segments, diamond wire saw, diamond cup wheel, diamond cutting blade, diamond circular blade, diamond grinding block, diamond fickert, diamond frankfurt, diamond grinding wheel and some other stone cutting tools and tools used in construction industry,

Article from Iranian stone business man --HASHEM ROOZBAHANI

a. 2013 Italy Verona Stone Fair.
b.Diamond Blade Cutting Safty Guidelines


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