1. Rotate the large diamond saw blade before cutting: Especially when first time using the new saw blades, the blades should be rotated for over 30 minutes, the water must be fed under the hot weather. The purpose is to eliminate the influence of diamond segment welded on the blade blank and keep high internal quality memory when the diamond saw blades are running under high speed. 

2. According to the length, width, and height of stone block to adjust the running switch, the rise and fall of diamond saw blade should be in correct range. Before cutting, the distance between segment and the highest position of stone block should be in 10-20mm. After cutting finished, the distance between the segment and the bottom of stone block should be 20-40mm. When the cutting direction is changed, and to avoid the strike of blade to the block, the diamond saw blade should be left block completely, the distance must be in 150-200mm.

3. The stone block must bigger than 0.5 cubic meters, and which should be settled steadily in symmetrical position to avoid any vibration. 

4. The large diamond saw blades can only start to cut after steady rotation, when the blade segment start to touch the stone block, the blade can’t be loaded to run(rotate), also when the blade is under cutting to the block, the rotation  can’t be stopped until the blade is out of block completely. 

large diamond saw blade cutting

5. The cutting speed is lower than scheduled one, the causes below,
  1. The straps become smooth.
  2. The compaction nuts become less crowded
  3. The drop cutting depth is too deep.
  4. The feed speed is too fast. 
6. The stone block is vibrating during cutting, please stop cutting immediately. It just can be started after the block is settled steadily. The stone block can’t be moved during cutting. 

7. The correct linear speed is set according the hardness and abrasive of cutting stone

8. Feed Speed, this is depend on the performance of cutting blades, usually, it means the quality of diamond segments. When the cutting depth is confirmed in the large diamond blades, the feed speed is scheduled in reasonable interval. If the feed speed is too high, then the diamond egment will be ran out quickly, even fall off from the steel blade, the lifespan of diamond segment will become less. If the speed is too low, the diamond segments on blade could not expose the diamonds crystal to cut the stone, then the blades become dull and not sharp enough. As usual, the feed speed should be slow when the blades drop cutting, then average speed during cutting. Regarding normal typical stone, when the cutting depth is 7mm, we recommend the following list of feed speed for your reference, when the thickness is changing, the cutting speed can be calculated with cutting area(cm2/min).

Please note: The feed speed of initial cutting or the first three cutting course of every piece slab should be in 50% of regular speed.
FEED SPEED  (Unit: mm/min)
FEED SPEED 500-800 2000-3000 500-700 70-125

9. If the rotation of big diamond saw blade is same as the movement direction of stone, we call it same-direction-cutting, otherwise we call it contradict-direction-cutting. When the cutting is under contrary direction, there is a rising vertical strength which makes a trend of lifting up the stone block. To make the stone block steady and in safe position, people can try to use same-direction-cutting. The cutting depth should be reduced during under contradict-direction-cutting ,it should be like 1/3-->1/2 of same-direction-cutting depth.

10. Regarding the cutting depth of medium hard stone such as marble, limestone which can be cut open by one time, and the hard or abrasive stone such as granite, sandstone which should be cut for more times. By using large single diamond saw blade to cut granite, the cutting depth is 4-8mm; for the marble the cutting depth is 15-30mm. By using diamond multi-blades, two sides cut hard granite, the cutting depth is 3-5mm. Anyhow, the cutting depth should be decided by the hardness of stone, the performance of diamond saw blade and cutting saw machines.

11. In short, the cutting technique: for easy cutting soft stone, the cutting start with slow ,then to deep cutting; for the hard stone, the cutting depth starting with deep. For the same type stone and corresponding cutting machine & saw blade, the cutting parameter should be subjected to high efficiency, good quality slab, long life of diamond segment and diamond saw blade. When the cutting speed of the diamond saw blade could not keep in a certain figure, this means the blade is blunt, should reduce the cutting depth and increase the feed speed to make the blade sharp enough.

diamond multi-blade saw blade

12. Recommended cutting technique of diamond multi-blades for reference:
Technics | Material Soft Marble Hard Marble Soft Granite Medium Hard Granite Hard Granite
linear Speed (m/s) 45-50 40-50 35-40 30-35 25-30
Cutting Depth (mm) 300 300 4-5 3-4 1-2
Feed Speed (mm/min) 120-140 60-70 60 60 60

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